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Reiki Lies , Reiki Demons

January 15, 2018

Reiki Lies

I was once a reiki master and I was duped by reiki for 8 years, My linage was 5 down from Usui himself, reiki is full of trickery and deceit . Therapists put themselves at risk by exposing their spiritual side to energies they have no idea about and where these energies come from. Reiki is only 150 years old , its not ancient healing , it was created by Usui who starved himself on a mountain for 21 days, he hallucinated and was infiltrated and sabotaged by dark demonic forces. Reiki is not clean energy and has NEVER cured anyone of ANYTHING. Reiki is not divine energy from the God source , its dark, dirty and deceitful.

Reiki symbols summon the demon that is assigned to it. that demon has a specific emotion to sabotage. it may be love, happiness or joy. That demon will bring in placement anger, guilt, hate, addiction, frustration. envy, jealousy ect.

Reiki attunments place these symbols in your chakras. This is a spiritual mine field as these symbols act as tracking devices for demons to find you.

White light is also the product of the dark , If you combine all colours of the spectrum you get white light , yes we all know this BUT if you combine white light with white light you get blackness/Darkness!! This is relevant when a white light worker brings in white light creating darkness !

Reiki is described as universal healing, The oxford dictionary describes universal as "relating to all things in the world" , if this is true then reiki is light but also dark , reiki symbols summon the demon that is assigned to them, Ive been duped, attacked and beaten by these demons , they are very real and are aligned to all people attuned to Reiki.

As I've previously stated I'm not aligned to any religion. I believe in God , simples.

Answer this, Why has the Catholic church in the United States banned the use of reiki ?? With the warning to all of their health care workers, nursing staff and carers stating "Reiki lacks scientific and spiritual credibility and exposes people to malevolent forces"

Jesus was not a Reiki master , he was the son of God who walked the earth with an important spiritual message .

Reiki is a dangerous healing modality that sabotages your life and those around you .

You may ask if this is all true why is Reiki here? Well its been created by the dark to divert people from their true life walk and sabotage your life , Reiki symbols act as a beacon to dark forces and they can monitor you at any time.

I now assist people to remove symbols from crown heart and hand chakras, I've assisted over 3000

ex Reiki people do this . I've written a book regarding this subject and my Reiki journey and how I got rid of the symbols and energy!! Contrary to belief, the symbols are not for life and can be removed immediately

Remove symbols here

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Fear , Paranormal Fear

February 14, 2018

I have been assisting a 20-year-old male go through spiritual enlightenment and what he calls the “death of ego”. It’s been very interesting to observe from a mentor and teacher perspective. This journey began when he had been dabbling and experimenting in hallucinogens and psychedelic drugs. It all started off as fun with “good” experiences through conversations and music but they were preyed upon by demons. His drug use started with his friends as a late night high of convenience that spiralled into dependence. Demons also infiltrated this group and caused significant damage to friendships, beliefs and perception. Then it became dangerous.

Firstly, removing the drugs was the first piece of advice.

Secondly, I performed casting, clearing and psychic shielding. He had a very dark attachment that was removed very quickly. He felt it go, like an old friend. He looked brighter and lighter, he said he felt physically different, happier and not angry. I warned him that when I perform these healings, changes happen immediately. His spiritual frequency had changed and was a lot higher, he would lose old friends and new people would come into his life that resonated at the same frequency. Remember like attracts like.

Over the next few weeks he became more focused on work and life. He read my book. He started to notice the darkness in his house, around his friends and picked up on negativity around strangers. This was challenging but a lesson. The residue demons were still challenging him in the share house, he fought back with prayer and casting but was touched by pure evil. I stepped in to assist again but he was now marked. Demons were coming and going whilst he slept or whilst he meditated. He was full of fear. Sleepless nights or sleeping with the light on were now normal, he was focusing on the dark energies and constantly asking for advice and assistance. Fear was now the enemy. I kept remotely viewing his room whilst he slept. He was surrounded by angels and divine light. He had nothing to fear.

How to remove fear

Fear is an emotion that can be cast out. “In the name of my lord Jesus Christ I command fear to leave my body, I cast out fear in the name of my lord Jesus Christ”

I instructed him to stop jumping at shadows, stop looking for the dark energies and focus on love. Pour love into situations. This has worked as he now is full of love for his family, partner and friends, he still has a way to go but don’t we all.

When fear comes knocking you need to answer it with faith and love. Nothing else works. The mark of fear can only be removed by the focus changing to love, filling the void as I refer to it. Love is the most powerful (and wonderful) emotion of all. It will always triumph over darkness.

My book is called “How To Remove A Ghost’ and is available at Amazon.

Paranormal Malingering

May, 2018

Assisting people with paranormal issues like hauntings, possession, ghost attachment, dark entities, problems when renovating, love curses, financial curses, health curses and blood line curses, is very rewarding from a spiritual point of view but can be challenging when confronted with malingering. Malingering is a fabrication of symptoms, in this case paranormal symptoms. It is often caused by attention seeking behaviour. I’ve encountered this many a time, particularly from teenagers who are frustrated with family life or school life, experiencing pressure from peers but try to or are trying be noticed or centre of attention. This also happens through social media, people who are exhibitionists. Posting blurry photos of dust (orbs), so called ghost in my room or fake video of doors opening and closing. These people watch too much Ghost Adventures and other paranormal TV. If you look at a blurry photo long enough you will start to see what you think is there, it’s called pareidolia.

These people are time wasters, fakers and malingerers. These malingerers usually have the following missing in their lives; love, a complete family life, self-worth, friends or hobbies. Addiction to something is usually occurring, food, porn, sex, alcohol or drugs. When contacted by these people its very hard to ascertain whether they are genuinely troubled by the paranormal. I ask a series of questions then usually a visit to their house if local or a phone call if overseas. Once the casting, prayer and healing takes place I then have a better picture of where this person is mentally, physically and spiritually. If I see they are malingering I step away and encourage them to look deep into themselves as that’s where the answers are. Your intuition and programming from God, the answers are there, sit quietly, silently and listen.  

Paranormal Fad - Haunted Dolls

May, 2018

Haunted dolls have recently appeared in pop culture. The island of the dolls in

Mexico has contributed to this fad and has rose to fame through several TV paranormal shows. 

10 years ago there were no haunted dolls, where have they all come from? All of a sudden every doll appears to be haunted. What a load of crap.

People are scared of dolls because their tiny faces cause your brain to react in a scrambled way. Our brains read faces scanning for emotions, expressions, intentions  movement and threat. Dolls are silent with realistic eyes seeing a face that looks almost human but isn’t unsettles our most basic human instincts. The fear of dolls, in other words, shares a lot with the fear of clowns: Both are reactions to ambiguous, slightly off versions of a normal face.

 It’s a cyber subculture that allows paranormal enthusiasts to believe they own a part of the paranormal world. There are legends of haunted dolls, but it’s all fake. 

 One hundred percent of the dolls sold online are fakes generated from behind a keyboard by a seller looking for a gullible enthusiast to splash some cash. Profiteering from the paranormal is bad whether it be psychics or mediums charging for their so called ‘gift’, or a property owner or paranormal group taking money from someone to walk them around a building or cemetery at night.

Selling a doll, that is supposed to be possessed by a demon, is a negative for everyone concerned. Be careful what you wish for!

Recently, haunted paranormal museums have started to pop up and if you’ve got a haunted museum then you’ve got to have at least fifty haunted dolls. This fad has developed an underground movement of haunted dolls selling for absurd prices. Sigh! How does a doll get haunted? Where does it come from? and what triggers a person to feel it’s haunted?

 I know, it's money! It’s like the craze of dressing as a clown to scare the unexpected. Dolls and clowns now have a bad name, but in profit making only.

Don't get scammed.

Reiki Demons 

May, 2018

The following is an excerpt from my book "How To Remove a Ghost" available on Amazon here

I firmly believe that white light, reiki energy and universal light is not God’s light.

They feel different to one another, and all come from a different source; a dark place that is not divine. I can say this, because of my experiences with all of it. Once upon a time, I used to call in white light to heal people to remove negative energy and for spiritual protection, but when I performed an exorcism using white light, everything went wrong. My entire belief system changed, and I was forced to ask big questions. The story is told later in this book, but the experience made me realise that performing an exorcism is no different from healing people or removing ghosts, dark entities or negative energies. It all comes from the same place, and you need the same energy from God to perform it safely. God’s light comes from the divine source. It is golden in colour, warm to touch and comes in endless supply.  White light is universal; universal is light and dark. White light cannot be trusted, as its origin is undefined and full of trickery and deceit.

Did you know that when you combine all colours of the spectrum, the result is white

light, but when you combine white light to white light, it becomes dark? This revelation is a vital piece of information because apparently reiki is a universal energy. Universal has many meanings. The Oxford dictionary defines its purpose; “relating to all things in the world.” If reiki energy is all things in the world, then it must be in the light, but also in the dark and that is what concerns me. Reiki is, and I know this from my experience, accessible to entities of darkness it gives them a charge. The reiki symbols summon the demon assigned to them.

The deceit and trickery start when a demon arrives and in the worst case scenario a

possession of the body. For this to occur there is more than one demon energy; there will be many demons. A high-ranking demon followed by multiple juvenile demons all learning their craft. The juvenile demons are mentored and guided, but are also under the emotional spell of the higher-ranking demon and will often be manipulated and emotionally abused themselves. I write more about demons and their emotions later.

There have been two scientific reviews of reiki, published in 2008 the International

Journal of Clinical Practice and in November 2009 in the Journal of Alternative and

Complementary Medicine. Both reveal that reiki is not an effective treatment for any

condition. Catholic bishops in the US banned the use of reiki. They warned health care

workers and chaplains that reiki 'lacks scientific credibility' and could expose people to

'malevolent forces.' Reiki tries to undermine and discredit Jesus by calling him an ascended master. Jesus was the Son of God who walked the planet to raise spiritual awareness and heal many. He has nothing to do with reiki. Reiki is a very dangerous healing modality. I know this from experience, and I have seen that the transfer of reiki energy comes from demons. Demons use the reiki energy to enter your body to heal short term, but long term they have a detrimental influence on your life and body.

I once attended a Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney. There were over two

hundred stall holders, hundreds of psychics and plenty of new age therapists all trying to convince the public that their healing modality and products were the best. They were all trying to suck every dollar out of the vulnerable new age devotee to pay for their overpriced three-day space in the convention centre. The place was full of ego. You would expect an environment like this to be full of spiritual love, angelic energy and buzzing with positive vibes. It was the opposite; dark, claustrophobic, smelly and full of juvenile demons. As I walked through the festival, a stall-holder with a demonic attachment practically jumped on me. It was like a moth to a flame. It took all my strength and spiritual-will to push it away.

The dark energy was intense and almost overwhelming. A little later I met with the festival organiser to talk shop, and I commented to her regarding the dark energy infesting the convention centre. To my surprise, she agreed and elaborated a story of being quite terrified at night when she was locking up the festival after it closed. As this conversation was taking place, a high-ranking demon invaded our space. We could feel its dreadful energy and the festival organiser instantly felt ill and dizzy. I cast that rotten thing away, but like all demon attacks, where there is one there is many. We ended up moving outside the building to continue our meeting. How can demonic energy be in such a so-called spiritual new age  environment? Easy. It is the work of the dark! All the new age egos had charged the demon energies; crystals and white light dragged into the convention centre by the stall holders, therapists, clairvoyants and mediums.

Demons or negative energies get enormous power surges from white light and

universal energy. Paranormal entities, demons and negative energies all benefit from the new age movement. Crystals also provide an energy source for the housebound demon. Using crystals for protection does not work. They look great as a pendant, but as for the claims they promote healing and provide protection, it’s all a myth. I have tried to remove demons, and negative energies from households using crystals, white light and ascended masters to no avail. I found that it encourages more dark entities to move in.

Right at this moment, there is an intense spiritual war happening between the light

and the dark. It often crosses over into the physical world, and with each shift in energy, the gap between light and dark remains the same. The light is getting lighter, and the dark is getting darker. With the increase in paranormal interest, there will be an increase in paranormal evidence. In the future, as the battle between God and the devil gets bigger and starts to cross over into the physical world, some of the people who remove negative energies will no longer be able to participate, as it will be beyond their spiritual capability. They will not be able to receive and tolerate the immense spiritual energy supplied by God. The time will be soon upon us whereby the instances of the spiritual world crossing over into the physical world will increase. We have already seen an increase in demonic energy in the form of possessions, hauntings and attachments to humans by negative energies. 

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